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ShadowClan Guide

Post by ~Crescentstar~Shadowclan on 03/12/17, 05:47 pm

Welcome to ShadowClan, home of the wily and proud! Known as the "dark heart of the forest", these cats stalk in the night and make their home in the shadows. Do not underestimate these warriors in battle, however, as they're dangerous and ruthless. They are loyal to the bone and will do whatever it takes to protect their clan. Want to join us? Feel free to make a joining thread for your character or just pretend that they've been in the clan the whole time! In the mean time, feel free to check out our guide and high position request or meet our roleplayers in the chatting thread!


Shadowclan Camp: Unknown


Leader - The head of the Clan, granted nine lives by StarClan. Their word is law, as deemed by the warrior code. Their name will end in 'star, as deemed by StarClan.

Crescentstar Played By: ~Crescentstar~Shadowclan

Deputy - The second in command of the Clan. Chosen by the leader to succeed them when they die. They have regular warrior names and are in charge of organizing patrols and keeping order in the Clan.

Currently tbd

Medicine Cat - A healer and the main contact with StarClan. The Medicine Cat is one of the most respected members of the Clan. They receive prophecies and interpret signs.

Currently tbd

Medicine Cat Apprentice - Usually chosen by a sign from StarClan, the medicine cat apprentice is in training to become a medicine cat. (sHP)

Currently tbd

Senior Warriors







Can my character be deputy/medicine cat/medicine cat apprentice?
High positions are usually determined in character. Things like working hard and stepping up can make a warrior character more likely to be chosen for deputy. And even though it is determined In Character, decent activity Out Of Character doesn’t hurt either! As for medicine cats, the leader usually chooses medicine cat based on who is willing to learn herbs or already has an interest in them, and then the medicine cat generally chooses their apprentice. Recent leaders have made threads where interested players add their character's name to a list for consideration.

Can we make an alliance/interactions/prophecies between Shadowclan and my fanmade clan?
Sadly, no, but thanks for the interest! The traditional clans follow the Warriors books somewhat closely and only interact with each other.

Where is Firestar, Bluestar, and other canon characters?
While the traditional clans follow the rules and arrangements in the canon story, traditional is considered to be an AU, following its own timeline from the books. As such, none of the canon characters exist here.

Who were Shadowclan’s past high positions?
As for medicine cats and their apprentices, traditional Thunderclan has probably gone through too many to list, as players come and go with the school year.

Shadowclan leaders: None so Far

Can my character join the clan (with or without the leader actually appearing in a joining thread)?
Of course! Though this is Traditional Warriors RP, anyone can join the fun! A joining thread isn’t even required, though some people write one for fun. Generally characters that are warriors and apprentices will respond as being near the border when they happen across someone there. If you would like an hp to ‘accept’ your character, post in the OOC chat thread or the current leader's HP Request Thread.

Okay but how do I write a joining thread?
Intros and joining threads vary depending on what a player feels like writing, though there are some common styles. Some people write a thread about things going on around the camp or territory inviting interaction, as if their character had been there forever! This might also be called ‘jump in!’ Some people write a thread about their character showing up at the border and requesting to join Thunderclan. Such threads are usually answered with patrolling characters.

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