Post here to have a thread moved, (un)pinned, or (un)locked

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Post here to have a thread moved, (un)pinned, or (un)locked

Post by ~Crescentstar~Shadowclan on 04/12/17, 02:28 pm

Accidentally post a thread of yours into the wrong board? Did a thread of yours get locked due to inactivity? No worries! Just post your request here, and staff will handle it for you!

If you are requesting a thread to be un/stickied, and you do NOT play a high position in the Clan, please be sure to receive permission first!

Thread move;
[b]Thread link;[/b]
[b]Destination board;[/b]

Thread lock/unlock;
[b]Locked or unlocked?:[/b]
[b]Thread link;[/b]

Thread sticky/unsticky;
[b]Sticky or unsticky?:[/b][b]Thread link;[/b]

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